About Sharon

Sharon has 20 years experience in management and leadership, 10 years in coaching and consulting for business and individuals.

She has developed the resources in response to working with clients. She has also found a discussion or talk back scenario is the fastest way to teach the concept therefore creating the desired results for clients.  This is where the talk back radio idea came into play.

Sharon found she didn’t have the time to meet with individuals but she could assist many people weekly via the talk back radio approach.

Sharon has been studying human behavior for more than 30 years. She was a timid shy young woman with extreme anxiety and depression. She is now a confident, outgoing woman, she is living proof that people can change when given the tools and the support to do so.

Sharon pursued the study of human behavior and coaching others because she found normal counseling did not resolve inner conflict. It is inner conflict that causes anxiety and depression. It is workplace conflict that causes most of the problems in the workplace.

Sharon holds the following qualifications:

  • Masters degree in Psychoanalytic Studies
  • Bachelor of Business majoring in Business Management and Industrial Relations
  • Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Myers Briggs Practitioner (MBTI)
  • Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner (NLP)
  • Thought field therapy practitioner (TFT)
  • Touch For Heath (TFH 1-4) Kinesiology
  • TAE certified workplace trainer and assessor

Sharon’s approach is unique, questioning and confronting though extremely successful in gaining results for individuals and business.

Buy an e-book and work at your own pace or fast track the process by listening to the radio talk back show every week.  Allow your staff, supervisors and managers to listen to the show, the results will truly amaze you.